AVK-19 standard for Digital Seal & NFTs

Digital economy engineers and lawyers

Avéyo lawyers and engineers participated in the AVK-19 standardization work of processes related to digital seals and in particular the implementation of NTFs.
The AVK-19 standard created by AvKee aims to define the structure and behavior of digital contracts associated with the claim of ownership of a digital work, using the technology of non-fungible tokens recorded in blockchains dedicated to digital fingerprinting of digital works.

This platform is dedicated to sealing practices for probationary purposes. This involves both guaranteeing the identity of the depositor, while ensuring the probative identification and the probative sequestration of the registered seals. Indeed, according to this standard, the original character of a digital work implies its conservation in highly secure environments, in addition to markings and multiple fingerprints. Because the digital work by its very nature can be corrupted by third parties outside the depositor. This is particularly the case of a viral attack which would distort the code making it impossible to identify later during the transfer of ownership.

It is in particular the requirements in terms of the right to be forgotten by the member states of the European Union that have led to the development and implementation of this standard. If the work digitally sequestered for a period defined by its owner is not disseminated publicly, the fingerprints associated with the work are on the other hand integrated into the blockchains making possible all the verification and validation processes around the transactions related to the digital work, without allowing it to be reconstructed from the blockchain.